Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kounov Megalithic Stones 2

The 20 or so alignments of stones run in a North South direction and consist of hundreds of stones of differing sizes. All imported from somewhere far away. Didn't find the detail. Then there are two anchor stones: Gibbon and Pegas which delineate the arc between the setting of the sun at both the winter's and summer's solstice. This seems to point to a more ceremonial pagan site. And very defendable as two sides are steep cliffs and the stones are situated on a small plain on the top of the ridge.

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Kounov Megalithic Stone Alignments

Just got back from searching for these megalithic stones about 60 Km outside of Prague. I wasn't expecting much but was shocked by what we found. They cover a huge area. About 20 parallel lines of rocks running 100s of meters long. Many rocks are missing because of logging etc but now it is all protected although you have unlimited access to all the stones. What a find. I will post more

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