Tuesday, July 28, 2009

South Park in Bohemia

This town is right next to the biggest Dam before Prague on the Vltava called Slapy ( pronounced Sloppy.) The locals have endured all sorts of criticism for whoever it was that got drunk and forgot to regulate the last high waters that flooded Prague. Now they know and have aptly renamed their town because the mayor had shares in all the companies that made billions off of flooding Prague. They are called the "Mullets." Nice bunch of people; just don't have them over for dinner.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Slapy is pronounced Slapy. Nobody renamed the village Trebenice because of the mayor, neither the flooding. We wrote South Park under Trebenice because of special feeling of this place which is actually south of Prague. Some people in this village are very similar to the famous figures from the serial. I think you would have to meet some people there, maybe visit the pub there to understand. You might be surprised. I think you would be happy to invite these people at least for a beer, maybe dinner. Smejoch

Glen Emery said...

Yeah we come for a beer