Friday, April 17, 2009

Roughest Toughest Meanest Bar in Marseille

Me and Tim stopped in Marseiille on our way down to Barcelona for New Years in 2001. We wandered into an Irish pub on the Quay and asked the Scottish bartender where all of these supposed toughest bars in the world are that Marseille is famous for. He didn't know so he went into the kitchen and brought out a local French cook. We got out the map and he started circling them for us on the map. He said to us with a lowered voice, "whatever you do mes amis, do NOT go to THIS place!" Of course, we drank up our pints of Guiness and headed straight there. I thought, well I'm not much of a tourist but at least a scar of some sort from Marseille might do the trick. We walked into the roughest toughest meanest bar in Marseille and within minutes had made friends with the owner/bartender (see pic) and even got to go behind the bar and pull our own beers. We went in there every night and had a great time. It was a wierd place though. A lot of Foreign Legionnaires were drinking in there as well as sailors of all different colours and languages.

You should've seen the look on the cook's face when we came back to the Irish pub with these pictures.

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Tim said...

hey man it was newyears eve 2000 as far as i remember... we had to trade currencies on the way down to spain and the next day it was all euros.