Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tim and Vincent

Tim and his son in Prokovsky Udoli at the pub.
A few hours before this we met old Tim at a pub on Malostranske namesti. He told us that he ran into a Scottish couple on the square who had the maps out and were looking around forlornly. He walked up to them and realizing their happenstance, asked them if they needed directions.
"Free directions," he said
The couple looked up and said, "Oh yes please, we are looking for bla bla bla!"
Tim pointed them in the right direction and walked off.
He heard behind him as he walked away, "Excuse me young man, excuse me!"
Tim turned around.
The woman said, " I , we, just wanted to tell you that you are the nicest person we have met since we've arrived!"
Tim looked at the woman with a glean in his eye and said, "oh yeah, and how many years have you lived here?"
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