Saturday, March 21, 2009

Honza "the Terrible" Král

Here is Prague's infamous Honza the Terrible when he was still sporting the eastern mustachio. He has been an air-traffic controller for thirty years now and not unlike all ATC's I have met, he doesn't half like his drink when he has time off. They called him the Terrible because he had a bad habit of showing young travellers and other unsuspecting innocents how to drink Becherovka. He would make people drink a few until they got super pissed and had to leave or puked or passed out or some combination of all the above. Then he would find another group of travelers and do it all over again. Ultimately he would be the last one standing, would sleep in the back room and then start at 11 am again when we opened. Iain, the Scottish barman once said, "Aye, its Honza the Terrrrible!" And the name stuck.
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