Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Venus of Vestonice

This is a copy of the oldest known piece of ceramics in the world. It comes from the time of the Mammoths in deep south Moravia from the middle to end of the last ice-age. The whole site is interesting because it seems to be a post iceage European meeting place. They even discovered the buried remains of a ritual killing of three people in a tryst. Two men and a woman. They are buried side by side. The man on her right is buried face down and has his hand in her crotch. The man on the left is buried face up and is holding her left hand. A stake is driven through the facedown mans hand which is in her crotch. It pierces both his hand and her pelvis. She has a string of wolf teeth sitting on a pile of red ocher on her forehead. What does it all mean master?

Good wine in the neighbourhood of Vestonice and great for mountain biking. Lots of beautiful little villages around with nice pensions.
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