Monday, March 2, 2009

Poldi Kladno

The old Poldi steel factory in Kladno. This part of the factory has long been abandoned but was a great place for us to go to on a photo shoot with the class. I used to run a little candle factory in one of these old buildings. The story about this industrial enterprise from its foundation in the 19th century I will investigate but I know the owner was the father of one the 19th centuries great philosophers. Can't remember whether it was Schopenauer the mysogynist or Nietsche the existentialist. Will update.

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Alexandru said...

I am an old Roumanian engineer. On 60's years we worked a lot with Poldi steels in turbine blade manufacturing.
The AK1, AK2MV...AK4 were our dear stainless steel materials.
If you have more info please send to my mail ""
All the best,