Sunday, March 22, 2009

U Zaveseneho Kafe

OK. This was in the summer of 94 or 95 and the whole bar had a party up the hill near the castle in U Zaveseneho Kafe (The Hanging Coffee) run by Jakub and Helena. It was a photo exhibit of Matt Pollitz. In this photo is at far left Swiss Jirka, Honza the Terrible in red, Kire of Macedonia in white shirt and suspenders, Mean Steve the boogy woogy piano player from Toronto drinking the beer, Matthew Healey sitting with long hair and purple shirt, Jo-Anne facing him, Peter and Michelle at top of steps and that's about all I can name. Oops, just below Jo-Anne is black-haired David Gross.

Jakub and Helena got run out of this location by some prick in the building and now have a new location a bit lower facing the orchards at the bottom of Uvoz.

If anyone knows any more names then leave a comment. Cheers
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