Monday, March 2, 2009

New Year's Eve Day

Both me and Karol trying to get the buggy full of booze back to my flat for the party. Only had about 50 m to go but people kept stopping and taking pictures. So we broke down, said fuck it, had a beer and a smoke and then carried on. Then carried on till the next day. I still have a hangover from that night. Oh and funny story. As I was getting ready for the onslaugtht of people to the party the day before I opened an old box and found the original cotton butcher's coats that you can see in my profile picture. Still even fit; almost!
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eric said...

I still remember the JAWA t-shirts that went around back then... I think Joey knuckles gave me one... I wore it til it was just threads hanging together that you could see through... I think it finally died and was laid to rest in 98 or 99...
Eric S.