Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inside Nazi Factory

In the first pic you can see as we we squeeze though the hole in the heavy steel doors. Looks like somebody used some sort of heavy equipment to bend the door back like that because the doors were about 10 inches thick.
In the second pic you see that we have all made it in and now just about to go thru the next broken down barrier into the mine itself.

The last pic is some graffiti in German. It says "Wir sind wieder da!" which means: "We are there again!"
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Philipp said...


me an my friends really love to explore abandoned facilities. Is this the factory in litomerice?
If not where is it located?
And how much of the complex is still visitable?

Thank you

Glen Emery said...

Yes, it is just on the outskirts of Litomerice under one of those tit shaped hills. My pal Petr, the tallest guy in the photos, was there not long ago to have a look and apparently they sealed up the whole doorway with a massive cement block and there's a fence around it. But, if there's a will there's a way.
Contact me and I can explain how to get there.

laszlo said...


is posable that u can tell how to here. like dirctions cuz if its possible i like to vist this place on my viction. thanks my emil is thanks agin