Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nazi Underground Factory; Richard II

I found out about an abandonded underground Nazi factory just outside of Litomerice from Helmut Gaensel when I went out with a Canadian journalist to interview him. Gaensel has been up the Amazon interviewing old Nazis in hopes of tracking down the Amber Room and lost Nazi gold somewhere in Stechovice near Prague. Anyways after several reconnaissance trips on my own I finally found it and ended up goin up there with a group of Czech friends; from left: Petr, Patrik, Honza, Pavel and myself. We are standing in front of the main doors to the calcium mine which the Nazis converted into war production. Osram was the company in charge. We are only a few Km from Terezin concentration camp and the prisoners were marched up here each morning to build arms for the Germans. A big outbreak of some infectious deisease broke out at one time because of the horrible conditions and a couple thousand inmates died in a few days. We were told to be careful by the locals because maybe the tunnels were still infectious. We broke in anyways. I will post more photos from inside once I find them and scan them
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barry said...


Im interested in seeing this place as I have quite an interest in the German WW2 underground system. Im going over to Berlin later this year to see all the tunnels there.

Do you have any details of how to find this system and any details of anyone locally who can help me navigate the system?

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