Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bredovsky Dvur

I can tell immediately from walking into a bar/restaurant here in the Czech Republic whether the owner is an asshole or not. You can tell because his behavior or attitude towards people percolates down to his staff and he is predisposed to hire like-minded people. Bredovsky Dvur is run by an asshole and most of his staff are too. I have so many places in my mental map where I say "I'm never going back there again" even though I fail and sometimes swagger in hoping that things have changed. I went in here the other night, against my mental map, with good intentions and high hopes and got disappointed immediately. My friends were sitting at a table for two. I asked the waiter if I could pull up a chair. He said "Ne" and abruptly walked away. I told them I would go to the bar for a beer and wait for a table to free up. All the bar facing the entrance was "Reserved for Regulars" and the only two guys sitting there were a couple of muscle-bound cab driver bone-heads. I went to the next side of the bar around the corner and was ignored by about 5 bartenders who just kept walking by without even acknowledging me. I was getting wound up! Then I saw a large table about to free up so I went back, told the guys and then went over and stood nearby to take over the table. This is a pub! Remember, this is a fuckin pub! The people left, I took off my jacket and started to sit down when a waiter ran up confrontationally and barked at me "what do you want?" What do I want? I'm in a pub so what the fuck do you think I want you asshole? He basically told me to piss off so I went over to the guys and told them I would see them some other time and left. Bredovsky Dvur AVOID at all costs. Too bad because as you can see in the picture they have tank Pilsen. Oh well.
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