Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Speakeasy

I was kinda reluctant to put this one up because it is a nicely kept secret and a bit of an iconic Bolshevik throwback and I would hate to fuck it up by letting on to the tourists. But according to the traffic to my blog it won't make much difference so here we go. When I first got here in 1990, I noticed so many of these types of places around the city hidden away in obscure alleys and passageways. They were low profile hideouts where everybody had their liaisons with their lovers. They always had dark interiors and intimate seating arrangements where the one table could not see the other. This place has not changed at all since the revolution and is like walking into a time machine. From the street it looks innocuous enough. It just says Lahudky outside (or Delicatessen.) You walk in and in the front there is a Deli but then you go thru some curtains and there is a bar, then you go thru another curtain and there are two small rooms with very intimate seating arrangements. They even have really narrow stairs going up into a little "shagging room." Next time I visit I will try to get the waiter to let me up into that little room for a photo. It looks intriguing. I was in the Speakeasy one time with a girlfriend back in the early 90s for copious amounts of wine, chemical support and a bit of naked slap and tickle. Nobody bothered in the slightest.
The Speakeasy is at Hibernska 8

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