Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Teacher

Minna Pyyhkala is our fearless leader. She runs digital camera classes year round. I went for two months I think once a week. We went on a few field trips with the class and at the end we had an exhibition. Good fun all around and I even learned something.

Minna's website:
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gratuitouspepsi said...


Thank you for posting this.

I too was a student of Miss Minna's and have benefited tremendously from her tutelage.

She is an unparalleled talent (as teacher and example) and just feel lucky that I was able to briefly know someone--a TRUE artist--that I have come to respect, admire, and--most importantly--be INSPIRED by so much.

If anybody is reading this and has even the slightest interest in pursuing photography as either a career or just as a fulfilling hobby, there is not greater teacher you could hope for.