Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Klaus Eco 101

The Czechs are really quite enterprising. This contraption up at the castle is I think a ground breaker. This is the end of a complicated and intricate web of cathedral-pigeon shite catchers. The shite flows slowly down along the cathedral-pigeon shite gutters and down into this pipe. Then once a week they connect up a long pipe and let it flow, by gravity, across the way, through a courtyard and down the side of a steep wall into the castle gardens below. Klaus himself likes to inspect these weekly events because as he says, "I love to see ecology at work." But actually, he likes to be there because he perceives it in his own strange way as a metaphor for what he has done for this country: filtered out the shite (ie all the cash for assets in old floundering communist state enterprises) and sent it over the side into the quagmire in order to grow flowers (ie funneled the money to all his bum-buddy scum-bag friends so they could enrich themselves.)
Sometimes at night, at the right time, if you are lucky you can catch old Klaus on his knees in front of this pipe; his lips touching.
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