Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Repre Club Now

This was the main hall of the Repre club. The door at the back went thru to the American Bar. Remember the neon monkey that was above the door? We should've taken that with when we left. The DJ scaffolding was in the far left corner and from there the bar ran all the way down the left side. Nowadays it is closed to the public and only used for Seniors' dancing lessons; yawn!

That's Mark Christopher in the foreground, the American film director who made the film "Studio 54" with Mike Myers and Salma Hajek. He wants to make a film version of my book so he came to Prague and I took him around to all the famous "crime scenes."
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Maria said...

Wow - this is amazing. I lived in Prague in 1993 and was just telling a friend a random story about Repre and what happened when 'Come On Eileen' used to come on. So, to continue down memory lane, I did a Google search to see if it was still open and found your picture and description of what it is now. And you're the owner! I practically lived at Jo's and Repre when I was there. Is Jo's still open? Man, those were the days...