Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top Tonda

This, on the other hand is one of our favorite pubs, "U Medvidku"
Here I am with JB and Kevin Thompson otherwise known as DJ Logic. Both Tim the Tooth and John Robeson arrived shortly thereafter. Sitting across from us was a table of Czechs. They were of the variety that my Canadian friend Andy down in Krumlov aptly named "Top Tondas." This refers to the Czech male behavior when in groups of trying to out-yell, out-goof and out-embarrass themselves in front of the crowd and the public. It's some sort of mass hysteria that happens all around the country every night mostly in the pubs. So the Czech guys across from us were yelling and screaming all at once and carrying on with their "Ty Vole" this and "Ty Vole" that when JB got sufficiently drunk enough and started to tell our table a story. His story telling technique is world famous and he can out-Tonda the best of them. JB started telling a story in his outlandish style of gesticulating and spitting and screaming. His face went purple and the veins were pumping out all over his face. He emphasized points of the story by using all sorts of falsetto squeals and baritone grunts while the gob and spittle rolled off his chin. He was humping and pumping the table. It was outstanding. Even the Czech Tondas across from us shut up and watched in amazement. The fucker was wearing my shirt that he stole from me the last time he stayed at my house (as if he hasn't stolen enough from me over the years) and then proceeded to spit and slobber all over it. Disgusting!
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