Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tony Duchacek and Garage at Parukarka

Tony Duchacek and Garage at Parukarka in 2007. He attacked me one night when he was playing a gig in our club in Obecni dum in the early 90s. He was way pissed as usual so he missed his punch but I tagged him a nice counter straight on the nose and put him on his ass. All of a sudden I was surrounded by his people. Then a bunch of my Nigerian bouncers surrounded them so it was a bit of a Biafran stand-off. He went backstage and I went to the bar. Over ten years later someone introduced me to him in the Akropolis and he turned and asked me, "aren't you the one who punched me out?" I told him I was, we shook on it and had a few bevvies together.
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