Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Night of the Bleeding

It all happened innocuously enough but turned into the great amsterdam goat fuck. To this day nobody is really sure what happened on that night. We call it "the night of the bleeding"
In the first picture you can see my cousin Wiet on the phone to Ben Bos to find out what happened. Ben had no fuckin clue. We found the cap off a bottle of Becherovka but couldn't find the bottle. Blood on the floor, the walls and the ceiling. Next day went to the windmill squat brew pub called T'ij. When we walked in the whole place saw the state of us, raised their drinks and gave us a resounding salute. Then Wiet went to the bar, got us drinks and when cheersing said, "well at least the bleeding has stopped!" Second picture with Gus Vassos. Ben was also scathed but don't have any pics to prove.

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largetuna said...

I heard a rumor you ran into a building during an ill advised 50 yard race. Joey Knuckles was convinced however it involved the red light district