Monday, February 16, 2009

Graveyard shift

The only part of the Prague transport department that seems to work somehow is the MHD or the Trams, Metro and Buses. They crank in the middle of the night and keep the city going. This is completely unlike the Traffic department who are obviously a bunch of complete incompetent morons. If you ran the Traffic department in Canada like they do here, you would get locked up and the key would be flushed. For instance, in 20 years, they have not been able to synchronise any lights at the bottom of Anglicka street below nam Miru (or anywhere in the city for that matter except Evropska). The lights at Belehradska still turn for the phantom No. 11 tram which only comes every 12 minutes yet the lights keep changing regardless. Then the next two lights are not timed and therefore the whole city comes to a standstill. Not to mention the Czech habit of blocking the intersections when they can't get thru. Purely out of frustration I suppose. Or because, as a nation, they're just inconsiderate. I might vouch for the latter.
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