Monday, February 23, 2009

God of Smog

This photo is from last year and it seems they have cleaned and painted the old Totem. It was given to the Slovaks as a parting gift by the Canadians back in 1980. Another one exists in Katowice Poland where we also built a paper factory. The last time before that it was in bad shape and the beak of the Thunderbird was laying on the ground. I took it and it is now in my friend's factory in Bratislava. He says it has brought him extreme good luck. So much so that when I tried to get it off him to put up in my new bar he refused. What a prick! Anyways, the locals called it Boh Smogu which means the God of Smog. I tried to get the owners of SCP to move the Totem to the city center so that people could look at it properly. It's probably the only authentic west coast Totem in Europe not in a gallery or museum. SCP told me "no way." I don't understand. It sits in front of an ugly building in a non-descript field at the far end of the factory. It really is beautiful and should be for public viewing.

Hang on, I'm gonna try to find a better picture and tell the full story behind this bad boy! Coming soon.

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