Sunday, February 15, 2009

Megalithic stone in Dolny Chabry

It started when I read something on reddit about Stonehenge and thought there should also be some megalithic stone sites here in the Czech Republic. I checked out the Czech portal and sure enough there was a bunch of interesting info about sites in Bohemia. It seems that unlike sites in the rest of Europe, these ones are relatively neglected and forgotten. I found that there was even one in a village on the outskirts of Prague so today me and Neil took a run up there and after a bit of asking around (we asked 4 groups of locals and nobody had even heard of it until we met the Post Lady) we finally found it in front of this house. As you can see from the photo, the fence was built around the front stone so it is possibly protected. I got the feeling that the owner was none too impressed about having strange celtic drunks in front of his house trying to glean some magic by rubbing the stone because he had a great big nasty german shephard in the front yard that seemed about ready to jump the fence and disembowel us. We hastened a retreat after taking the photos. Will update as I venture out to find more sites this weekend

here's a link to a site which shows the biggest Czech megalithic site. Go to the end to see a hand drawing of the size of it. Quite huge and they have no idea who or what or when.

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